Hilo SeniorTech  - Computer & Technology Classes for Seniors
The following class descriptions are for Windows computers only; we also teach Mac classes which are described at the bottom of the page.
 Ø COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS 1: You will learn the basics about how your computer works and what the different parts are called.  You will learn how to turn the computer off and on correctly, how to save a document, how to open a document and how to use a mouse.  There are several exercises including a computerized version of the card game Solitaire to develop and strengthen mouse skills. Prerequisite: none.  Minimum 3 students.
ØCOMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS 2 : Learn how to use your PC with up to a Windows 10 Operating System whether you've never used a computer before or used an earlier version of Windows.  Learn about computer components in hardware and software, to desktop layout, to the new Start Menu, new Browser, and how to turn off system.  Basic introduction to using Microsoft Word processing software and how to save documents.  Six hour course: 2-days of 3-hours each. Prerequisite: Fundamentals 1 or equivalent skills.  Minimum 3 students.
Ø BASIC WORD PROCESSING: Program taught is Microsoft Word 2010 (which is part of Microsoft Office Suite).  You will learn how to create and print a letter on the computer.  You will learn how to change the size of your type, the typeface, the color of the words, how to make your words bold, italic or underlined, centered, right or left aligned, and how to use spell check. Prerequisite: mouse skills & basic computer knowledge.
Ø INTERNET & EMAIL: Learn how to use the internet safely and secure.  How to use and setup Gmail.  Course provides an overview of how the internet works using Google.  Explore the features of Google as you "surf" the web.  Have fun with email using Gmail and downloading or sending attachments like pictures and recipes. Practice sending email to your classmates.  Prerequisite: mouse skills and basic computer knowledge.  Minimum 2 students.
Ø PC TUNE-UP & TROUBLESHOOTING: Upset when your computer runs so slowly that you want to throw it out the window?  Greg Navarro will help you keep your computer running like new with proper maintenance and basic troubleshooting.  Keep your data and personal information private and your computer safe from unauthorized use. Prerequisite: mouse skills and basic computer knowledge.  We need three students for a class.  Please request.
Ø SPREADSHEET: Number crunching.  Program taught is Excel 2010.  You will learn how to use your computer like a calculator by creating formulas which tell it add, subtract, multiply, divide or average figures you provide---in a nanosecond!  You will also learn how to create pie charts and bar charts from a table of figures you create. Prerequisite: mouse skills, basic computer knowledge. 
Limit 4 students.

 Are you a Mac lover?  We have classes just for you taught by our Mac guru Terri Powell.
 Ø MAC:  Terri Powell will review such basic operations as turning it on, putting it to sleep, reading and writing to a CD/DVD, and creating/saving/copying a file. He will also show you how to use iPhoto, iDVD, and Garage Band which come factory installed in your Mac whether you have the  Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion OS or Mavericks or El Capitan.  Make sure your software is up to date.  Bring your Apple ID and password.   Minimum 3 students required.

Ø iPAD 1&2 :  iPads are hot!  More than 22 million have sold since April 2010 and there are now more than 300,000 apps that will run on the device.  In iPad 1 Glenn Grace will show you how to get the most out of that new iPad you got for Christmas  whether it's version 1,2,3, an Air or Air 2, a mini or even an iPad Pro. Please bring your iPad along with your Apple ID and password.  In iPad 2 Terri Powell will show you how to have even more fun with your iPad, more photos, more music, and more apps.  Limit 4 students.

Ø iPHONE 1&2:   Greg Navarro and Terri Powell take turns teaching iPhone 1.  In this exciting class they show you the many ways you can use your iPhone in addition to calling someone.  You can text, Skype, email, get driving directions using the GPS app, take pictures, listen to music, download and read books, etc. etc.  In iPhone 2 Terri will show you how to change your ring tones to identify the caller, how to use your iPhone as a camera, a flashlight and a timer as well a lot of free apps to download.  It doesn't matter which version of iPhone you have, you will be sure to learn something new!  Please bring your iPhone to class along with your Apple ID and password.  Limit 4 students.